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The size of ballistic missiles is quite large and they are capable of carrying heavy heavy weight bombs. But they can be destroyed before being released because they can not be hidden. But once it is gone, it is not easy to destroy them.

Cruise missiles are very small and the bomb carrying them is not too much. But due to their size they can be easily hidden before being released.

The ballistic missiles carry their fuel and the oxygen used in them is accompanied by them. Cruise missiles carry their fuel but they take oxygen from the air.

After leaving the ballistic missile, they walk on a crescendo in the air and as soon as their contact with the rocket ends, the bomb embedded in them falls on the ground under the influence of gravity. Therefore, once left, there is no control over their goal.

Cruise missiles run parallel to the surface of the earth and their aim is absolutely accurate.

Balistic missiles are usually used only for atomic bombs but in some cases conventional weapons are also being used. For example, China has placed ballistic missiles on the border with Taiwan and they are equipped with conventional weapons.

Cruise missiles are considered to be effective for both conventional and atomic bombs. But due to their size and due to low cost, their use has been increasing with traditional weapons.

Any anti-missile system, built for the purpose of preventing / destroying ballistic missiles, is called ballistic anti missile or anti-ballistic missile / ABM. Yet this term is mainly used for ballistic resistant missiles which are designed to destroy long-distance, anti-communicable ballistic missiles (ICBMs) equipped with nuclear weapons.

The interceptor missile is a ballistic missile from the surface which is designed to compete against the medium-range and intercontinental ballistic missiles from any country.

Ballistic missile defense systems include two interceptor missiles, earth defense vehicles for the outer part of the atmosphere, and advanced environments or advanced defense missiles for low altitude.
Do you know that the United States, Russia, France, India and Israel have all developed missile defense systems.

How does the interceptor missile work?

An interceptor missile works in three ways – it is either based on the ‘hit-to-run’ system (i.e. the interceptor automatically goes very high speed toward the missile coming towards it) Based on which the explosives are required to attack the target target, or work on the basis of the combination of the above two systems. For example, ‘Aegis’ ballistic missile The defense system is entirely based on the ‘hit-to-the-fly’ system, explosive bombs are used in Israeli missiles, while modern Patriot missiles, along with the ‘hit-to-tack’ system, With small explosive bombs are used
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How is the interceptor missile useful?

Both the interceptor missile, Earth Air Defense Missile and Advanced Air Defense (Ashwin) missile, have been constructed to destroy the ballistic missiles of enemies on a higher altitude and lower surface. Earth Air Defense Missile is able to seize missiles at an altitude of 50-80 km in the outer atmosphere, while Advanced Air Defense (Ashwin) missile is able to seize missiles at an altitude of 30 km in the internal airspace. Apart from this, it can be used for ballistic missiles to supply atomic, chemical, biological or conventional weapons at the time of flight. Galloosh Interceptor is used to carry nuclear weapons through the Russian A-35 ballistic resistance missile system. Even the LIM-49A Spartan and Sprint missiles are used by the United States defense system.

What is the supersonic interceptor missile
The interceptor is a strong 7.5 meter long rocket, powered by guided missiles with the help of Shipping System, HiTech Computer and Electro-Mental Activator. Under an automatic campaign, the radar based system identifies enemy’s ballistic missile. After this, with the help of figures from the radar, the computer network finds the way to the ballistic missile coming. As soon as the necessary instructions are received from the computer system, the interceptor is left to target.


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