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Bulletproof car  is a safety vehicle in which the common car windows are replaced with bulletproof glass and the armor plate is placed in its body panel. Bulletproof car is similar to a normal car, but its weight is much higher than normal car. Until a few years ago, there were limited options for trains in India. Previously the leaders used to have an Ambassador and Gypsy car, but now a lot of options have increased. Now with the leaders as well as for the common people, there are plenty of trains available in the market. In today’s time, trends of large cars such as Fortuners, Scarpio, Pajero and Audi are more. In this article you will learn how a bulletproof car is built and what features are there.

How to make bullet proof car?

To do Bulletproofing any vehicle, first to select the metal sheet. The thickness of the sheet depends on the weapons. In India, the LAGGAR INDUSTRIES produces a metal sheet which has been certified by Chandigarh’s Terminal Ballistic Research Lab and the US Certification Industry 4-5 mm: AK 47 Rifle, 5-8mm: SLR, LMG Insensible Rifle and 9-10 mm: Armor grade cars For safety, our VVIP likes a sheet of 6.5 mm. The bullet proof metal sheet is so strong that special blade cutters are used to cut it. After fixing the thickness of the metal sheet, the work of carving is started. While installing metal sheet, the protection of the engine fire wall has to be taken into consideration, because bullet proof protection is done keeping one wire and valve in mind, as well as the focus on flooring as there is fuel piping, Transmission, oil and electrical wiring are also there.

Bullet proof car mirrors are also very strong in strengthening, such as Tcrbin 45 and 55 mm glass which is very thick in purto is used. Changes in bullet-proof car are also being made in terms of time and design. Special firing slots are made in bullet proof trains. Kai bullet proof trains cost more than the cost of the car. The bullet proofing of the whole car can cost about 20 to 25 lakhs. Just about 10 to 15 million on the bullet proofing of the side body and if only the sheets are to be bullet-proof then only 5 lakhs work is done. While the entire bullet proofing of Mercedes or BMW is about 3-4 million. The most important thing is that the bullet proof car is that no one can see the car looking at it that its bullet proofing has been done. But the carriage becomes heavy enough to run and can not open the windows of the carriage side.
How does a bulletproof jacket be made and how does it protect?
Bullet proof carriage features

1. 360 degree bullet proof protection
The feature of 360 degree bullet proof protection is one of the main features of a bulletproof vehicle. Armor kit and process are engineered in such a way that the four sides of the passenger compartment are protected by protecting high quality steel armor and glass from ammunition. In this, Armored bulk head with gun port with gun port, which has a gun port in the bulkhead, which helps you to face the attack. It provides protection on the six sides of the vehicle such as front, rear, ceiling, floor, sidewalls and doors.

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