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2. Transparent Bullet proof glass
Bullet proof glass is known as ballistic glass. A bullet-proof glass prevents glass-carrier bullets. There is mainly two transparent plastic layers in the bullet proof mirror. The plastic layer is made of polycarbonate which makes it hard and transparent. The process of laying the polycarbonate into two layers of glass is called lamination. The material prepared after lamination makes the glass very thick.


When the bullet is fired on a glass glass, the energy of the bullet absorbs the layer of glass glass. The layer is brittle, meaning the place where the bullet hit occurs, the shisha gets slightly shaken from it. The second hard plastic layer absorbs the remaining energy of the bullet and prevents it so that the last layer of glass does not have a hole. Bullet proof glasses come in various thickness ranging from 7 millimeters to 75 millimeters. Depending on the needs, the glass thickness is used.
3. Blast Proof Floor

Blast-proof floor protection is an armored steel that is added to the floor of your vehicles. This type of armored steel fails with hand-held grenades.
4. Armored Roof
Armor grade roof protection is designed to protect the part of your vehicle’s roof.

5. Run flat tire system

Run-flat tire system allows the vehicle to operate with one or more flat tires – it eliminates the immediate need to turn into an additional tire and increases the mobility of the vehicle. This allows the vehicle to move, even if the tire is facing a ballistic attack. That is, there are flat flat tires in the car, which can range from about 160 to 320 km at the speed of 90 kmph even after the puncture.

6. Brake System Upgrade and Upgrade Suspension

OEM brake pads and rotor discs are upgraded to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle. Rotor and disc brakes also reduce the ability to break the vehicle and reduce the distance to stop. Along with this, upgradation suspension facility is also necessary to compensate for additional weight of the vehicle. The bulletproof vehicle has to upgrade suspension to avoid bouncing, swinging and disruptive driving experience.

7. Bullet Catcher
This is an armouring process in which the ricochet of bullets are captured on the windows overlap panel. This armoring process is very effective for angle shots.
Armored fuel tank, engine compartment protection, GPS and auto shutdown, overlap system, tail pipe protection, other features of bullet proof car are.
It would not be wrong to say that the bulletproof car is perfect in many ways because there are some features that make it different from other cars. As the BMW-760Li bulletproof car saves the person sitting in the car with any kind of bang. If the car’s tire is also punctured then it can run miles. Bomb and missiles can also be disabled by this car. The Mercedes S-600 Guard bulletproof car protects from any kind of pistol, revolver and rifle attack. The bullet-proof car is so special, so nowadays their demands are increasing.

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